Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blend with Nature at MesaStila

"MesaStila (previously known as Losari Coffee Plantation) is a luxury five star resort & spa that incorporates an unparalleled collection of remarkable antiques and enchanting buildings; including Central Java icons such as a Colonial railway station and historic Joglo-villas.

At MesaStila the focus is on luxury yet keeping the traditional, local and wholesome experiences intact, which accentuate the magnificence of the environment, the people, the culture and facilitate a healthy lifestyle- full of wonderful experience"

With its peaceful atmosphere and the scene of nature, MesaStila is just the right place for peacefull-seekers to fulfill their need for calming experiences.

The place is located near Yogyakarta and surrounded by mountain which makes it highly possible to wake up with mountain view from your window. First time I step my foot here I instantly recognized how huge the place is. It is consist of many villas that are set in 22 hectares. There are also coffee plants, infinity pool, a Dutch colonial building, garden, yoga area, and much more. In the morning and afternoon the place is incredibly beautiful, but at night it's little bit creepy to strolling around the area, it feels like you walking in the middle of jungle with minimum lighting:p



One of the best thing during my stay there other than gathering with fellow journalists is the coffee plantation tour. We had a chance to know more about coffee from the expert.

Coffee plantation tour

The beans

I think with the vibe offered, the place is just the right experience for couples in love, don't you think so? So, anyone? :p

With fellow tech journalists

*) The media tour is part of Canon EOS 100D camera launching event. Thanks for the great experience!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Batam - Bintan Trip

"My favorite thing is to go to a place where I've never been".

Yes, it is quite a challenge and sometimes it leads you into new story, new memorable things.

So, a few days ago I challenged my self to accept the offer from my good mate which is traveling to Kepulauan Riau. Bintan to be exact.

Even the trip is kinda sudden, but the time is perfect, there are lotta things on my mind, I have to get away for a while. Plus, in Indonesia itself, I've never been traveling outside Java & Bali hehe. pardon me. The third reason is my friend whom based in Batam, already arrange all the itinerary so I didn't have to worry a single thing.

"Good things come to those who book flights" (Source: Pinterest)

So after some considerations, i booked a flight to Batam. Felt super excited. And this is my first trip that i wrote every detail during the journey on my little notebook (yea, i prefer this traditional way, rather than write down on the iPhone).

Here i share you the details of my amazing 3 days in Batam and Bintan.

Day 1

Arrived at Hang Nadim (airport) in the afternoon (out of schedule because of the 2 hours delay. Hufft). So i didnt get a chance to visit the town. After picked up by my friend Tyo at the airport, we're heading straight to the Telaga Punggur Airpor to go to Bintan. It only took 1-hour drive with the ferry which cost IDR 65000/person).

There, our hotel staff was ready to escort as to our hotel at Aston Tanjung Pinang. Not much to do at the night (it's a small city), except went w/ my friend to have dinner w/ his family.

Anyway, at Batam harbour, my friend Paulina Tangguh and her husband drove alllll the way from Batam to catch up with me. She is my high shool friend who superrrrr kind. She brought me nasi hainan + bolu kemojo, bcz she worried me of suffer from hunger >< I love 'em!

- Tiket pesawat Sriwijaya Air : Rp 560.000
- Tiket ferry                             : Rp 65.000
- Aston Hotel for 3D 2N           : Rp 600.000 (Lucky for me, i got this special price, bcz my friend is  used to work there as a designer. Yeay!)
- Rent a car in Bintan for 2 days : Rp 500.000


Day 2

Pulau Penyengat (Penyengat Island)

We're leaving hotel at 10 am. On the second day, we went to Pulau Penyengat, which mean, we had to go by boat. Within half an hour from the harbour, we arrived at Pulau Penyengat. This ia a historic small island that holds many heritage sites such as Sultan Riau Mosque that initially built by Sultan Mahmud in 1803.There is also an additional building called the Rumah Sotoh. According to the description, th place is famous bcz it is believed that the mosque was built by using mixture of egg whites, lime, sand and clay. There are also historical tomb of Raja-raja, old historical buidling and so on so on. I wasnt really into historical sites like this, but i did enjoy the island. The quite vibe, the old and colorful house, the fine path..And i heard from our becak driver Pak Anyong that this island is inhabited by one large family. So, when they hold a ceremony, they don't need to make any invitation :)

- Sewa becak motor for 40 minutes drive : Rp 30.000 (the driver will give you a tour around the island and explain every site )

- Tiket kapal: Rp 7.000/person

Kedai Kopi Maryam

It was past lunchtime after we explored Penyengat and the stomach scream loudly, need to be fulfilled :D But my friend insisted that we must not eat before arrive at Trikora. (He said he knew one fine place to have lunch there). Ok, so we decided to Kedai Kopi Maryam which near from the harbor and where we parked.

This tiny coffee shop is the most decent place i saw around the city. Definitely not a wrong decision as the coffee itself is delicious and cheap! It’s a beautiful place to relax before or after a stroll into the island.

- Teh obeng (es teh) : Rp 5.000
- Kopi O                     : Rp 5.000
- Kopi Spesial Maryam : Rp 10.000

Cheap. right? :D




Pizzeria Casa Italia (Trikora Beach)

Copying from my IG account. This place is owned by Italian family who already became Indonesia citizen. I can spend hours just sitting here and enjoy the beautiful view of the white sand, blue sea, and the clear sky.

- Pizza tuna: Rp 50.000
- Coca cola+ice: Rp 11.000
- Parkir mobil: Rp 10.000

Trikora Beach

Perfect place to getaway to unwind and relax. This is some of the photos I’ve captured there.

Potong Lembu

Eat like a local!

So, "Potong Lembu" is highly recommended by my friends.. They said i have to eat the famous Bak Kut Teh here (*on the right) bcz it's the best in town. Plus, the original teh tarik. Potong Lembu it self is located in old china town. It's a crowded pujasera' that separated between halal side & non-halal. Of course, we are on the non-halal side :D Pork time!

- Bak Kut Teh: Rp 46.000
- Nasi Bak: Rp 25.000
- Gong-gong: IDR 20.000


Day 3 (Batam)

RM Sumber Rezeki

Leaving hotel, again at 10 am then headed to the harbour for Batam depart. Batam has not much to offer except for culinary. Paul and her husband picked us at the harbour and we stopped by at Nongsa for seafood lunch. The place has a nice view of Singapore. From where we sat, we can see the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel (lucy me, i ever stay in this hotel twice :p). The food here is delicious but after i saw the bill i was shocked as they charged the Kepiting for Rp 300.000! ><

Kampung Tua Tereh

On the way to Batam city, we stopped at Kampung Tua Tereh, a fisherman village and took some picture there.

Montigo Resort

This is some picture from Montigo Resort, my friend's work place. The resort is owned by Singaporean. Thx to Tyo for taking us there :p The place is stunning!


Aleng Sio Bak Pui Medan

(Pertokoan Nagoya Indah Blok C I No. 12 Nagoya - Batam)

My friends are soo into culinary (esp. pork). In the car, they couldn't stop about where i should eat and what menu i should try. So here we were. My friend fav place at the downtown. Their taste couldn't be wrong. Best pork!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jogja, for 29th Birthday Trip

Jogjakarta, who doesn't love the city, especially those who have visited it. I spent my high school and college in the city. Even though Jogja is not my hometown, but like many people, Jogja is like our second home. 

Based on the fact that I've lived there for  almost 10 years, and several visit during my stay now in Jakarta, last November  is the month where I first visited the city as a tourist. Yes, it means, I went there with complete itinary, and on top of that, during my visit, I stayed in a nice guesthoust that popular among tourist.

Big thx to my friend, who had gave me train tickets as a gift for my birthday. 

In recent years, Jogjakarta has changed a lot and still goin'. It's now fullfiled with new hotels, hangout places, cafe, apartment, and yeah, traffic.

1. Arrived at Lempuyangan Station at noon, i was picked up by my friend. Because I starved to death with empty stomach for about 8 hours...we're heading straight to Local Resto which is located near Jembatan Merah.

Bad choice, i do admit. Both the food and the drink are dissapointing. The place it self is a new famous place. Not like the other hotel, the restaurant is located separated from the hotel building. It is true that the place has interesting and very cool architecture. It has contemporer design and because the place is not located at main road, so you will not be disturbed by noise. But I will not recommend you to eat there, especially if you're suffering from hunger. The thai tea is not very creamy, and I couldn't almost taste both the milk and the tea. The bulgogi chicken rice is not seasoning well, I could only finish the half of it. But next time, if I got enough money, I'll probably try the superb room :D It is located at the downtown, a plus point :)

2. Leaving with a not happy stomach, we decided to check in ViaVia Guesthouse at Prawirotaman

My first expression when i first met and welcomed by the staff and looked at the room, is wow....It's gonna be a fun and unique experience. And it was! :))

Eventually, Local Resto was the only wrong choice I made during my visit in Jogja. The rest of it was almost perfect, including hotel choice.

When my friend asked me where I want to stay, I feel like I want to stay in the not so ordinary way. Having experience as a journalist in big media and had the opportunity to travel a lot, I always get a first class treatment, including 5 or 3 stars hotels in all my work trip, local/international. So staying in a guesthouse on my own (*read: own money), is my first experience and the unique one.

This is a very recommended hotel to those who seek for budget hotel. The staff is so friendly and helpfull. It has open area for breakfast that is surrounded by th wall from bamboo. It has plenty of cool books, outside and even in the room, including Lonely Planet book which is laid in the bed side. Little cute detail.

If you decided to stay there, make sure to order Sulawesi room bcz it's the only room that has outside bathroom. Enjoy the sensastion of showering under the sky and under....the mango tree :D Overall, it was a good stay, a family ambience, a good WiFi, even you can easily have a conversation with your room neighbors and turned out that my and my friend are the only Indonesian people there. Not a surprise :p

3. At the night I decided to strolling around Malioboro to find cheap sandals and accesories and eating a very delicious angkringan there. Mission accomplished. Where else you can buy cheap stuff in one stop? I always make a time to visit Malioboro in order to buy sandals. It's always a comfy one.  Now back to hotel and a nice sleep. *Oh my friend bought me Spin Off drink, what a good milk replacement haha..

4. Hello cloudy morning! 

The staff made us a banana pancake in the  morning. My first breakfast plus my first meal at my birthday hehe.. I wish, I could spent on the comfy bed a little bit longer. The weather is super cold after non-stop raining on the night. Perfect, me like it! But we had to woke up early!

5. Kaliurang. After dropped my new friend Kao from Korea to Sultan Palace, we headed to the Kaliurang to take a visit to the Ulen Sentalu museum. The moning was one of my fav memories during my trip. Lovely, fun and silly companies, nice driver, the cold weather, the beautiful trees. Take a rest from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta is a must do once in a while!

We had a bit of time before heading to next destination. As so, we were invited by my very good buddy who live with his wife not far away from Ulen Sentalu. It is a nice visit of his house, he even took us on his tour house. What a lovely house! an artsy one. Yes, they are an artist btw and a lovely couple ^^ Look at their cute house:

In search of catchy tree to take a photo. Dito delivered us to the park nearby and his wood. Taking photos, done! I want to breeze the time.

On the next day, we went to coffeeshop, and of course BEACH:)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mood Booster Playlist

Udah lama nggak nulis blog ya. Almost a year. I'm in a lowest level. Anyway, hope u enjoy this!

Belle and Sebastian - The Party Line

Shortstraw - Couch Potato (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 

Shortstraw - Good Morning, Sunshine (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Matthew Mole - Take Yours, I'll Take Mine (OFFICIAL Music Video)

Shortstraw - One Long Day (Official Video)

Royal Blood - Ten Tonne Skeleton (Official Video)

Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life (Audio)

Black Keys - Tighten Up

Fall Out Boy - Immortals (From "Big Hero 6")

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

Friday, December 27, 2013

Everyday is Holiday..in Sydney

"Lucky you, coming here at this time, because right now we have the best weather in a year". Kalimat yang entah sudah berapa kali saya dengar dari warga lokal Sydney. Saya, langsung sepakat dengan mereka.

Meski tengah dilanda musim panas, bukan berarti Sydney diganggu oleh hawa panas yang tidak karu-karuan. Di bulan November, cuaca di kota pelabuhan ini sedang cantik-cantiknya. Not too hot and not too cold.

Ya, beruntung memang kawasan yang saya kunjungi adalah kawasan port. Angin yang dihembuskan dari laut sukses mengusir hawa panas yang identik dengan summer.

Menelusuri jalan-jalan di kota hanya bermodalkan celana pendek, tak masalah, pun juga berbaring di taman terbuka meski posisi matahari sedang tepat di atas kepala.

Maka tak heran saat bersanjang ke kawasan Sydney Harbour, warga lokal tengah asyik merayakan cuaca terbaik mereka ini. Dari kejauhan misalnya, saya melihat dua orang yang tengah berbincang, ditemani burung-burung merpati di sekeliling mereka.  (What a rare view for me as Jakartan T__T).

Di sisi lain, ada pria yang berjibaku dengan kameranya, seolah tak ingin ketinggalan pemandangan 'surga' yang membentang: Bangunan megah nan epik berwarna putih milik Sydney Opera House yang diampit sucinya warna biru langit dan biru laut.

Saya sampai lupa bahwa hari itu adalah hari kerja, di jam kerja pula. At the time, Sydney tampaknya pantas menyandang slogan: Everyday is holiday. Oia, sebelum sampai di Sydney, saya sudah terlebih dahulu googling untuk cari tahu ada event/pameran seni apa yang sedang digelar di sana. Dan senengnya saya saat tahu di MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) sedang dihelat pameran dari Yoko Ono. Lokasinya pun tak jauh dari hotel Four Points tempat saya menginap.

Begitu sampai di hotel, saya dan rekan seakan lupa bahwa semalam kami hanya tidur beberapa jam disebabkan pesawat Singapore Airlines (SQ) yang kami tumpangi dari Singapura ke Sydney sempat delay hampir 3 jam. Saya langsung bilang dengan rekan yang adalah jurnalis dari Bisnis Indonesia bahwa saya akan ke MoMa. Rekan saya seakan setuju (karena mungkin dia tak ada plan juga) untuk ikut dengan saya. Btw, dia adalah salah satu rekan seperjalanan yang paling asyik serta cool meski usia kami terpaut jauh :)

(Taken at Museum of Contemporary Art: "War is Over" exhibition by YOKO ONO)

Selama di Sydney. di luar mengikuti conference dan office tour dari pihak pengundang, saya dan rekan sempat berjalan-jalan ke Darling Harbour juga yang terletak tepat di belakang hotel, diajak santap malam di fine dinning oleh panitia, dan cruise river di Sydney Harbour :)